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ah, life sucks... great grandma is dead, i have stitches from my 3rd day back to work at advanced. i cut my finger with a box cutter... BAD! oh well, 3 stitches, im fine. birthday was AMAZING! thank you to all my amazing friends... wilbur is back around, i missed him sooooo much. he lives like 2 minutes from me so now i have someone out here, thank god. we will be hanging out much more often! work... well work sucks! almost 70 hours last week... amazing i am still alive... i went from doing nothing for almost 6-7 months to working 70 hour weeks AGAIN... . some things never change... my work ethic. why must i be such a work-a-holic? oh well... will be bringing in quite the check and THAT is what matters... hopefully gonna go to amsterjam to see garbage finally! its about fucking time! well, i will finally have a day off wed. if anyone wants to do anything, holla nigga's. you know how! oh yeah, mri was done, find out soon how it went, hopefully we will find out what is going on with this god forsaken hand of mine... for now, off to do my 8 gazillion pounds o laundry from like forever! oh yeah, and wave this saturday... be there fuckers!
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