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recovering from an amazing "gathering" today. it doesnt get much better than having a few people at your house that rock, drinkin, having an amazing time playing stupid games and not having too big of a mess to pick up... nah, not too much better... only if i could learn asshole... god dammit i suck! on another note, i am growing my hair back in, i hate this middle stage, makes me want to shave it again... but im not gonna, i miss the faux-hawk. why is it when you actually like someone, all of a sudden everyone else likes you? i hate women...

that is all for today

thank you and goodnight
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you didng have a big mess b/c i gathered all the empties from inside, and threw out maost of teh garbage. evenknow i wasnt drinking last night... ass face!!!!
there was still stuff all over, and a bit of a mess... and you didnt have to do that, and i didnt know. and its not my fault you werent drinking... that was your choice. thanks anyways, but its not my fault i didnt know.
hahahahaha!!!! im just kidding. you know i always wake up in the morning and i clean up. i was just not in the mood for drinking, even know it would have temporarilly made me feel better. i hate being a lady....

btw... that was the worst bathroom experience ever!!!!
opps i think that was my fault. im pretty sure i used the last of the paper.........
damn you!!!! its all your fault. it was kinda amusing the way i described it.
lol yep i was that asshole... your description was very colorful
hahahaha im sure mike and ryan needed to hear about that.
its not good to drink to feel better about shit candi... i mean to drink socially to have fun... silly girly. p.s. that was the funniest little dance you have ever done... thanks. i <3 you
def an amazing gathering... we had a blast :D
yeah...ok, so where was my invite hooker? its ok, i love u newayz! ur in the inbetween stage of ur hair growing...ha! write me back on chemically dependent!
Yea! I seemed to have missed my invite too!

I'm Magickal Fuckin' Mike, goddamn it!
yes, yes you are definitally chemically dependant... i <3 you!
hey beautiful, glad you are having fun.

i'm not sure what is about girls that make them want people who are taken. just weird i guess. the taken thing never did much for me. in fact, i never really cared if they were taken or not. ha! :)

miss you.
it was a small gathering people... big one to be soon... maybe halloween here.... its in the air, i will let all of ya'll bitches know soon though... i <3 you all... bitches!