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i work too much... no 80;s night tonight... thats sad. oh well, next week... everyone better be there fuckers!! more work tomorrow, 1-11. fun fun. i have been training a new girly the past 2 days, she's a cutie too, too bad shes a fucking baby... 18... god damn young bitches, im such a pedophile. its awesome. anyways, fucking liz, in p-town, invited me but i couldnt go due to work, now i am upset i even got a job, but next weeks paycheck will not upset! other than that not much going on... the ex is prego, im happy for her, she has always wanted a family, and a baby... and it was definitally something i could not have ever given her, that she wanted... along with plenty of other shit. it is seeming to be more and more lately i am not good enough for anything/anyone... but that just be the crazy bipolar swings... but i seriously have felt like nothing lately. i am nothing. i am not good enough for anything/anyone. i am not good looking enough/at all. i do not give enough. or have enough. i am not nice enough. hot enough. someone better always is there, or will be, or i just suck. it doesnt help that i push away at times... i dunno... just down i guess. negative swing... very negative. well on that note, bed soon cuz i got mad shit to do before work....
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